Who is i-Hub?

i-Hub is a Professional of the Financial Sector subject to supervision by the CSSF (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). i-Hub is a wholly-owned subsidiary of POST Luxembourg and is based in Kayl (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), its objective is to facilitate administrative exchanges between financial, legal and administrative service providers (banks, insurance companies, notaries, management companies, etc.) and their retail and institutional clients, by providing them with a free and secure digital file by which they can manage their identification documents necessary to fulfill the legal and regulatory obligations of their service providers.

Whether individual or professional, the registration on the i-Hub platform and its use are completely free.

Your service providers, our partners

i-Hub is the partner chosen by many financial, legal and administrative service providers to facilitate the collection, validation and maintenance of identification documents necessary for your administrative exchanges. We securely centralize all the information that may be required by your financial, legal and administrative service providers for each of your administrative exchanges. In other words, we save time for you!

Login and registration

Once connected to your digital file, click on your profile displayed at the top right and then on "Settings".

From the registration phase on i-Hub, you have the possibility to connect with one of the devices Luxtrust (Token, SmartCard, Mobile App ...) in your possession. If you subsequently want to change the initially selected Luxtrust device, simply go to the settings of your profile.

Only customers of our partners can obtain an activation code to connect to i-Hub and thus have access to their personal digital file. If your bank is part of the i-Hub partners, it will certainly give you your activation code in a second time. If you have any questions, please contact your bank manager directly

If you have chosen to register via Luxtrust, contact them directly. If you have chosen a user name and password, click on “Forgotten login details” to reset them. After clicking on “forgotten password” and entering your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail with a link (valid for 2 hours) enabling you to launch the reset procedure.

If you have forgotten your use name, click on “Forgotten user name”. Enter the e-mail address used when you registered. An e-mail containing your user name will be automatically sent to you.

My file

The actions carried out in your file are notified to you in the "Notification Center". Click on which is at the top right to consult the information

Once in your digital file, go to the "My Documents / Documents" tab and follow the instructions on the screen.

i-Hub securely stores all documents that are useful for your administrative exchanges. These includes (but not limited to) for a user in his own name: identity card, passport, certificate/proof of residence, etc. For an authorised user of a company, it will be (but not limited to) the coordinated statutes, an extract from the trade register, a list of authorized signatories, the declaration of the beneficial owner(s), etc.

First, go to the "My Data / Company Data" tab, make your changes in the "Residence address / Registered address" section and save. Then, click on your profile displayed at the top right then on "Settings", in the section "Contact details", make the appropriate modifications. Ditto in the section "My roles / Roles" for contracts that require it. If necessary, i-Hub will then ask you to attach the supporting documents in order to verify and validate the information thus modified.


i-Hub informs you automatically if there are activities on your digital file. If some notifications have only an informative role (e.g.: new contact, document expiring soon ...), others require action on your part (e.g.: a document has expired, a document is illegible ...). Then log in to your file and follow the instructions on the dashboard. You will always be able to find all the notifications received in your notification center by clicking on .

Privacy and Security

i-Hub offers a high level of security and confidentiality through a strong authentication process and an individual encryption of your information. These are stored on servers located in Luxembourg and protected by anti-intrusion procedures.

Since security is everybody's business, you do not have to communicate your login credentials to anyone. Under no circumstances will i-Hub and its partners ask you for your password by e-mail, phone or mail.

i-Hub will never ask you for information about the keeping of your accounts with your bank (s). Contact us quickly at dpo@i-hub.com. if you receive such requests.

Your personal data and documents or the data and documents of the company you represent are initially checked by our teams of specialists (Indexation, accuracy of the data in relation to official documents, readability of the document, validity of the document, etc.) .

After verification, only the service providers with whom you have a business relationship will have the opportunity to consult them. Find the list of your business relations under the "My Relationships/ Relationships" tab.

Only service providers authorized by law and subject to strict data transfer security conditions may view your data. Of these service providers, only i-Hub partners are allowed to access them and only those with whom you have a business relationship.

Finally, only the data defined in the Law and necessary for a service provider to comply with its legal obligations may be transferred and consulted by the said service providers.

i-Hub stores your data, in complete security and in accordance with one of the following two rules:

  • The respect of the minimum retention period as defined in the Laws in force,
  • The instructions given by your business relations in order to comply with legal provisions applicable to them.

In no circumstances, i-Hub collects, uses or resells your data for marketing or commercial purposes. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

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