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Your file. Simple, practical and secure

i-Hub is a PFS (Professional of the Financial Sector), wholly-owned subsidiary of POST Luxembourg. We offer the clients of financial, legal and administrative service providers the opportunity to benefit from a free, secure file hosted in Luxembourg.

Pascal Morosini

“When my bank needs my identity documents, all they have to do is consult my digital file.”


“No more multiple copies of my identity documents… They are stored on i-Hub”


“No need to check whether my identity documents are up-to-date… i-hub will do that for me”

Your i-Hub advantages

You access your complete file on PC, using the highest security standards in Luxembourg.

Have you received an activation code from one of your service providers?

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    Click on “my File”

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    Choose your login method (creation of a user name and password or login via Luxtrust)

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    Simply follow the instructions!

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