KYC Partner

KYC Partner is a revolutionary outsourcing service managed solution for Banks, Asset Managers, Transfer Agents, Insurers, PFS's and other regulated companies subject to AML Laws.
By mobilising our network of Clients (the KYC Partners), their Clients (the End-Clients) and automated links to trade registers, we offer through our centralised KYC repository a unique collaborative approach to onboarding and ongoing KYC Due Diligence.

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Our Model

We operate a centralized KYC repository for companies willing to outsource to i-Hub their client due diligence reviews.
Our solution is hosted in Luxembourg in a Tier IV data centre with the highest security standards.
We manage natural persons as well as legal entities and their related parties and we allow for information sharing based on consent (opt-in).
We offer a collaborative KYC file update model where we act as a trusted third-party validator for incoming data and documents provided by our Clients, their Clients or sourced directly from trade registers.

Without i-Hub

  • Lack of data standardisation
  • Inefficiencies & poor data quality
  • Increased onboarding time
  • Time-consuming remediation exercise

With i-Hub

  • Standardized data model
  • Automated updates and verifications
  • Faster onboarding due to outsourcing model
  • Ongoing Due Diligence periodic reviews

Our Unique Proposition

What makes our solution different?

KYC Due Diligence outsourcing service

By outsourcing the KYC ongoing due diligence reviews to i-Hub, you benefit from the solid expertise of our operation and compliance teams in managing the update and review of your clients KYC files, improving data and document accuracy and compliance to regulatory obligations.

Integrated Mutualization

Because KYC Partner operates on a centralized repository, it enables a unique and powerful long-awaited feature which is the possibility to benefit from the mutualization of some data and documents upon end-client consent, unlocking faster updates and turnaround. We have developed a state-of-the-art software enabling the mutualization of data and documents while respecting strict professional secrecy and bespoke risk-based approach of our Clients.

Advanced risk scoring engine

Our risk scoring engine offers the possibility to combine more than 20 attributes to classify your clients in five risk categories and three due diligence levels. The risk scoring engine is dynamic and recalculates automatically and in real-time the score, the risk category and due diligence level as soon as a contributing attribute is updated.

Interactive identity role-based architecture

Each identity being a natural person or a legal entity exist independently in i-Hub repository, however, the system enables the identities to be linked between themselves considering the respective roles that they have towards one another. That allows the graphical and clickable representation of company structure detailing the related parties but also the roles each one plays in other companies enabling further analysis.

Our Service features

Co-designed with our Clients to improve End-Client experience, data quality, risk management and regulatory obligations.

  • Due Diligence periodic reviews

    • As per Client RBA and SLA
    • Calendar-based or ad-hoc
    • Review and chase of data and documents
    • Review and update of UBOs, SMOs, PoAs
    • Review of Shareholding Structure
    • Reporting and KPIs
    • Full audit trail
  • Verification & Validation of Data & Documents

    • i-Hub back-office as a trusted third-party validator
    • 250+ KYC/TAX data points
    • 100+ Document types
    • Full audit trail
  • UBO verification and Shareholding structure

    • Legal entity UBO verifications and updates
    • Verifications are done according to company Shareholding structure
    • UBO updates automated chasing from 11+ trade registers
    • Dynamic Shareholding structure chart
  • Real-time company register updates

    • 11+ real-time links to trade registers
    • Automated purchase of official documents
    • Automated updates of company data, UBOs and Directors
    • State of the art AI/ML engine
  • Sharing & Mutualization

    • Sharing based on End-client consent
    • Mutualization based on common data & documentation matrix attributes
    • Mutualization of documents, only possible after verifications by i-Hub
    • In case of consent, updates are automatically made available to all End-Client business relationships
  • Risk Scoring

    • Dynamic & real-time risk scoring recalculation
    • Bespoke risk weighting settings as per Client RBA
    • 20+ choice of contributing risk attributes
    • Global entity risk score including related parties contribution
    • Full audit trail
  • Sanctions - PEP - Adverse Media

    • Ongoing automated sanctions, PEP and adverse media screening
    • Analysis and case management performed by i-Hub back-office and compliance teams
    • Selection of a wide range of sanctions and PEPs’ lists
    • Detailed screening report and compliance officers EDD alerting
  • Specific business relation attributes

    • Segregated set of specific data and documents (not sharable)
    • Service update and verifications performed by i-Hub as per Client SLA
    • Specific business and product-related attributes
    • Full audit trail
  • Document rules matrix

    • Document matrix set as per Client RBA
    • Dynamic matrix as per risk and due diligence levels
    • Sophisticated set of rules (unlimited combinations)
  • e-Forms templates with e-Signature

    • i-Hub proprietary e-Forms
    • Standardized and Client approved forms
    • Designed to be signed electronically by End-Client
    • Directly eligible for Mutualization
  • Notifications & Alerts

    • Automated notifications and alerts to Clients Web App and API gateway
    • Automated notifications and alerts to End-Clients Web and mobile Apps
    • 90+ types of notifications and alerts

Our Technology features

Our technology focus is on security, UX/UI, data management and automation

Our key Providers

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Empower your KYC/CDD digitalization journey, improve your Client database quality,
monitor your Risks and comply with your regulatory obligations

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