In the digital space, protect your organization for the future and embrace the latest developments in analysis and verification of your customers by leveraging a fully outsourced model for a new and better way to do business with them.


It is vital as an insurance company to have a allied that protects you, but it is also important that it makes your life easier.
i-Hub works with insurance companies not only to help them build more trust with their customers, but also to make the new customer on-boarding and customer experience more pleasant and less burdensome through our data sharing and mutualization.

What can we bring you ?

  • Prevent money laundering

Our Customer Due Diligence (CDD) solution includes the customer identification program (CIP), sanction lists, PEP, Adverse Media screening and ongoing clients’ monitoring.

  • Real-time dynamic risk scoring

We integrate your own risk based approach, do the risk scoring which allow you to identify the appropriate response to a reported alert.

  • Fast-track onboarding

Reduce client onboarding time and provide a true end to end digital client experience throughout the process.

  • Centralized repository orchestrator

Through our APIs and privileged access to golden sources, accelerate data collection and improve data quality by storing it in a centralized repository using the highest security standards.


We help banks to conduct ongoing due diligence securely and reliably, by complying with regulations, improving operational efficiency and innovating on a large scale to better serve their clients.
I-Hub's goal is to take the growing workload of know your customer and customer due diligence off their hands by offering dedicated outsourced services to their end-clients through our centralized repository. i-Hub offers a new kind of experience by making the onboarding of new clients and the client experience more pleasant and less burdensome through our sharing data system and data mutualisation.

What can we bring you ?

  • End to End due diligence

Benefit from real-time integration, risk assessment and integrated client and related party name verification, managed through a single consolidated Customer Due Diligence (CDD) investigation, with graphical representation of risk categories, capital and legal holding patterns. All this in compliance with the new UBO guidelines and existing regulatory guidelines such as the 5th European AML Directive.

  • Unfailing compliance partner

A single centralized 360-degree customer view, covering all pillars of compliance, consolidating customer associated KYC information with a fully audited trail of historical alert and case investigations

  • User-friendly interface

A packaged, easy to use solution, that’s designed specifically for Compliance officer, Legal officer, Relationship manager or other resources involved in a organization having duties and regulatory obligations.

  • Centralized repository orchestrator

Through our APIs and privileged access to golden sources, accelerate the certification of your data and documents by automated collection from the various European registers and improve their quality, freshness and availability by storing them in a centralized repository using the highest security standards with our Tier IV data center.

Fund and Asset Management industry

Investment funds and asset management companies have to comply with strict regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction where they operate. This leads to additional costs of acquiring unmanaged data and documents, to the use of inadequate and dispersed information sources.
Ultimately, this decentralization degrades the customer experience due to slow integration and poor data quality. Also, it increases manual workload to operational staff and creates a non-compliance's risk.
KYC Partner's solution allows investment funds, fund administrators, asset managers, management companies to harness the power of a new disruptive model that enables rapid client's onboarding in a matter of hours based on their tailor made risk approach, thanks to our data and document sharing and mutualisation that respects the highest standards of security, client confidentiality and consent or not of their personal data.

What can we bring you ?

  • Reduce your time to market

Establish a single i-Hub Id gathering data and documentation to support KYC and onboarding needs, with an annual refresh cycle to streamline documentation renewal across counterparties.

  • Reuse uploaded data to address information requests

Reduce the effort associated with responding to information requests from multiple bank counterparties by uploading standardized set of data once and making it available to your investment fund, fund administrator, asset manager, and management companies.

  • Minimize the impact of regulations on your business

Address current and upcoming regulatory KYC requirements, such as AML/KYC and CFT directives.

  • Retain control over your data

Control which type of data can be disseminated to some of your counterparties.

  • Use an industry led standard for data quality and completeness

Maintain a standardized set of KYC data attributes developed for the most prestigious actors .

PFS, IT, Telecom & others

The Professionals of the Financial Sector (PFS), IT and Telecommunication sector can face high risks of fraud. With identity fraud on the rise, properly verifying each customer or potential customer has become crucial to these players and requires increasing security and reducing fraud.

KYC Partner enables PFS, IT and Telecom service providers to help them authenticate their customers by ensuring quality analysis and verification through document authentication to ensure that the holder is the rightful owner. It also allows them to assess the risks associated with customers using different types of controls and finally to improve the overall experience of their customers.

What can we bring you ?

  • Support in complying

We provide you a end to end customer due diligence (CDD) with a full supported service compliant with AML, KYC, CFT regulations.

  • Decreased onboarding cost

Your Operational teams are spending hours of their day combing through both internal and external systems to gather the relevant information on customers.

With legislation growing increasingly complex, they were constantly scaling up resources to keep pace with new requirements. Manual approach become quickly unsustainable.

KYC Partner solution is the appropriate solution for a more automated and efficient way to manage CDD.

  • Better customer experience

Customer satisfaction is the key to success.

Automated KYC provides clients with a frictionless experience by eliminating the frequent back-and-forths between you and the customer  when new information is required.

With an automated process, customers are given an easy and fast accreditation or identification  experience that results in quicker account opening or business relationship.

  • Superior brand reputation

A KYC (Know Your Customer) process that generates the wrong results can cause serious damage to a business.

Missing the KYC target is as dangerous as not implementing a KYC process at all.

The answer is to find a solution that supports risk prevention as well as customer orientation.

KYC Partner is a digitally optimized KYC risk management process that will improve your customers’ experience and provide them with total satisfaction thanks to our unique data sharing concept.