Our mission

Through our centralised repository, we help our clients improve the way KYC processes are performed and significantly increase data and document accuracy in all their due diligence onboarding and reviews.

Our Mission

Companies with KYC/AML regulatory obligations need to focus on reliable and sustainable compliance processes. Often a company’s non-core operational processes are not aligned with the company’s core business operations directly impacting the company’s profitability, reactivity, and risk exposure. Our goal is to address the growing AML/KYC related workload by offering our Clients outsourced KYC managed services through our centralised KYC Repository providing data and document collection, review, validation, and secure storage in digital form. The trust we consistently gain from our clients is of the utmost importance, this is why we have heavily invested in data confidentiality and security. Our goal is to provide the market with ecomomies of scale in the field of KYC due diligence while accelerating digitalisation and improving overall end-client experience

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